Senin, 06 Desember 2010

SPIRIT!!! Where are YOU???

I lose my spirit. Where is it now? I look for it for some days, but I can't find it. Where? Where? Where? I'll try to look for and to find it. To find it, I open my work book. I got the book 4 months ago, when I attended a Moslem Activist Training. This event was held in August, 1st 2010. At the event I wrote some Goal Setting. I open again my book, read my goal settings and write the goal setting again to raise my spirit which is dissapear for some days. Here are my goal settings:
  1. I will have had a "amal yaumi" to memorize one verse a day on August 2010 or sooner
  2. I will have graduated my study on March 2011 or sooner
  3. I will have established an elementary and high school student course on July 2011 or sooner
  4. I will have muslim student training center in 2012 or sooner
  5. I will have been expert in English on 2012 or sooner
  6. I will have written a book in 2015 or sooner
Hope, I will find again my spirit on islamic new year moment, tomorrow. Especially my spirit for the 2nd goal setting. My spirit to graduate my study. The deadline is on March 2011. Now is December 2010, 3 months more. Come on....SPIRIT...... I'll find and catch YOU. I'll not let you run away from me, you will always be with me until I achieve all my goal settings. Ya Rabb, Give me the best from You.

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